New Orleans Costume Rental for the Film and Production Industry

Wardrobe Wenches is New Orleans first and largest, comprehensive costume rental facility specifically designed for the Film and Production Industry.

We offer over 5,000 square feet of practical wardrobe, uniforms, contemporary and vintage collections, with over 10,000 wardrobe items, plus thousands of shoes, hats and accessories.

The Daily Wench

June 14, 2011

Recently Acquired

Wardrobe Wenches has recently acquired pieces from the following shows: Looper Imagination Movers Baytown Disco The Power of Few

June 11, 2011

Exciting Things Are Happening

Wardrobe Wenches will be relocating soon to a new spacious, climate-controlled warehouse location convenient to New Orleans shopping districts

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Contemporary men’s, women’s, and children’s
60s and 70s men’s and women’s
Restaurant uniforms
Police & medical uniforms
Football & basketball
School uniforms
and more…

On the Scene at:

The Hungry Rabbit Jumps                                                  True Detective                                               Old Boy
Courier                                                                                      The Paperboy                                                Fire with Fire
Cogan’s Trade                                                                         American Heist                                           Angry Little Gods
Justice for Natalee Holloway                                            Dermaphoria                                                Heat
CBGB                                                                                         The Occult                                                        The Hours